Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back home

Well - you know, i forgot my camera in Montreal before heading down to Florida at the end of January to perform on Barenaked Ladies' Ships & Dip V. But I'm counting on the countless awesome people I met to send me photos and videos of our time together. And I'll post them here as soon as I get them.

I headed down a bit early to spend a few days with my grandmother in Century Village, just a little bit north of Fort Lauderdale in Deerfield Beach. I gotta tell you, I was really impressed and surprised at the place. The clubhouse is a hoppin place - and I'm being totally sincere. Everyone seems to be enjoying their time there and there's so much to do. They have an entire room dedicated to stained glass. And then there's pottery and sewing and ping pong and aerobics and some more obscure stuff I can't remember. it seems like a great environment. My girlfriend says that she doesn't think it's natural to stick senior citizens in a place where they're just surrounded by people like themselves .... but it was difficult for me not to love the place.

And my time on the boat - the Norwegian Jewel - during Ships & Dip was incredible. It was like summer camp on the water. Everything was so well done. The food was amazing. The entertainment ... obviously amazing. I didn't manage to catch everything that I wanted to. Some of the great performers I missed out on were Butterfly Boucher, The Weakerthans, Boothby Graffoe. Though I did get to see a few songs from these guys during the Songwriter Panels on Wednesday. The standout for me was actually the one-man show from Kids in the Hall member Kevin McDonald. I can't explain it. So personal. So awkward. Wow. So engaging. And it was also something really special to be a part of the Kevin and Dave Foley show on Wednesday night.

Anyway, should be heading off to bed. I had about 2 and a half hours of sleep last night and I ended up talking in my sleep on the plane today and scaring the shit out of the people behind me when I yelled at them in my sleep!!


mrs. d said...

no one ever catches everything they want to on the cruise; there's too much great stuff happening at once! thanks again for rocking our road to sunshine :)

becky11 said...

It was so awesome to meet you, finally! :) I think you increased your fan base exponentially on board. You were FANTASTIC! Here's hoping your NEXT trip to FL will also involve some shows. :)

Anonymous said...

Mike - didn't have a chance to talk to you on the cruise - but I did see you (ahem... over, and over and over!!!!) You're hands down my discovery of the cruise! Thank you for the awesome evening in Bar City.

One of the first things I did when I got home was check when you'd be in Ottawa - and realized I missed you a couple of times already in the last few months. I see you're scheduled back at the Black Sheep in April - we'll be there, and hopefully you're back even sooner!

Shawn said...

Definitely loved seeing your shows! Great music, some really cool songs! Looking forward to seeing another show in the future.