Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My God - the response to the search for photos and videos has been incredible! You guys are amazing. I promise I'll get a nice little scrapbook going and post it online for everyone. And I'll get the free download for "Muse" happening too. I'm not used to having this much to do for fans. Please forgive me for taking a while to get everything set up. I promise I'll post some fun stuff soon. I appreciate everything so much!! OK, let me see.... I gotta post at least one thing in this blog post. Let me take a minute and search my computer (tic toc tic toc ...)

This is Andy and Jim Creeggan ... and I wouldn't have been a part of Ships & Dip V if it weren't for these two fellows. So they're my best friends!! They're awesome. I think this photo is from Shelby Raiser. Thanks Shelby!

Talk to you guys soon ...

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