Monday, August 31, 2009

summer reflection

i know it's been a few weeks already since i've been off the road. during that time, i've been getting back into a groove back here in montreal ... slowly but steadily. and my computer is almost totally uncooperative when it comes to logging on to the internet in cafes, so i've been taking that as a sign to take a break from internetting a bit. but i really want to share some stories and photos from the road with you guys.

so here it is.

i had a total blast on the road.

i want to thank first and foremost all of the amazing house concert hosts who took the plunge and offered up their house as a crashing pad and concert venue. it really meant a lot to me and i hope you all had a good time. i did. it was great to get to know all of you a bit more.

here are some distinctions i would like to propose:

hosts with the most inventive fundraising
dan and kelly (colchester, ct)

hosts with the son who has the most rhythm
colleen and ed (son jimmy - detroit, mi)

host with the coolest parents
corey (grand rapids, mi)

hosts with the most soulful dog (mcgrady, their injured greyhound)
bob and ellen (belgium, wi)

host with the best scenery
shelby (buckeye lake, oh)

hosts with the best impromptu jam during the show
catherine and berkeley (carrboro, nc)

and now for the distinctions to the amazing musicians who shared bills with me at some of the shows:

musician with the best post-show gift from a fan
brian webb and his cool-looking guitar (cambridge, ma)

musicians with the most fun looking percussion instruments
the backwoods zydeco band and their washboards (colchester, ct)

musician with the most interesting lyrics
noam weinstein (new york, ny)

musician with the best side-project
the one and only bill davis (far right) and his cover band 'thumbs up' (nashville, tn)

musicians with the best mike evin collaboration
the chromatics (kensington, md)

more from the chromatics show here:

and now for the fans:

the fans with the best spirit to begin a summer tour with
club passim, cambridge, ma

the fans most willing to follow me to another show after my own
rockwood music hall, new york (no photo available)

the fans with the best taste in films
schuler books and music, okemos, mi (the wrong guy with dave foley)

the fans with the best vibe for an encore
colleen's house concert, detroit, mi (no photo available)

the fans who are the most loyal to their friend corey who was having a going away party too
corey's house concert, grand rapids, mi

the fans with the most colorful post-show conversation
ellen and paul's house concert, belgium, wi (no photo available)

the fans with the best sleepover
shelby's house concert, buckeye lake, oh

here are more photos from shelby's concert:

the fans with the best welcome
the basement, nashville, tn (no photo available)

and now for some other favourite photos of mine and non-show moments:

here's the first photo of my trip from montpelier, vermont. it's a really cool town with a nice vegan vibe to it. i like.

in cambridge i explored harvard square a bit and came across a fun street band, new orleans style. i think it was a couple and their daughter was set up with a chair to watch them. really cool!

i had four days off in between new york and michigan, and i headed up to niagara-on-the-lake to stay at my friends' bed and breakfast. but on my way, i visited my friend lynette and her daughter bella in buffalo. and here's a photo of their dog (i forget his name). awesome! and i raced bella in the rain in our bare-feet. haven't done that ever!

had a really relaxing and stimulating time in niagara-on-the-lake. i stayed at the applewood hollow, owned by my friends jane and brian. they had just put in a chicken coup in their yard. and here's a link to a video of me playing some music at a family dinner (jane's parents and sister, and their daughter kate and their son-in-law josh, who's a good friend of mine and who co-wrote my song piano top at that exact piano that i'm playing in the video).

in detroit i visited the motown museum. wow! it was so interesting. unbelievable. i would go back for sure. here's a photo of me in front of the window display in tribute to michael jackson.

in between michigan and wisconsin i had another four days off, and i drove up to the upper penninsula of michigan and camped out for a few days. i also visited mackinac island, rented a bike there for a few hours, and the next day i rented a kayak and went on a 4-hour trip down the manistique river in the UP (light rain and i forgot insect reppelant, but it was incredible nonetheless). here's a photo of the view from my campsite, on the northern shores of lake michigan.

and here is a great shot of my friend bill davis playing with his cover band 'thumbs up' in nashville.

i also tried to go to bill's hometown hangout 'late's' in manitowoc, wisconsin. but alas, i got there too 'late'. here's proof i was there though.

as for the shows, well, they were very diverse and a lot of fun. each one so different. i really can't single any out. they were all good for different reasons. i tried to play a handful of new songs at each one, and at some shows i played a song i had never played before. thanks to all for being so receptive and encouraging!!

here's a list of some new songs i tried:

all the dancin'
seagull spell
the magical tape
can you feel the world?
i'll get behind you
i'm gonna love again
love to rely on
i'm takin' you with me
shuffleboard prince
old mandolin man
the sun came out
life on the river
show you my love
slow through the city
real tight
joe's study
bach's sing-a-long
the night has wonders
let me follow
love affair
mike evin's dream

anyway, i hope you liked them and i'll keep them coming.

so, that's about it for now.
as for future plans, well, it's scary now because i'm starting to make plans for a new album and there are so many different ways to do it. so i'm wrapping my head around it and hope to make it a truly fun experience, and magical. fun and magical. i'll keep you posted on how it's going.

and as for shows and more touring, i'd love to. hopefully sooner than later.

it means a lot to me that you all came out to see me on this summer tour. it will be an experience i'll always remember. really. thanks for sharing it with me!

talk to you all soon,