Thursday, November 20, 2008

oh yeah, and the halifax show on saturday...

that was a blast too. it was with my friend dan bryk and we did it at heartwood, which sunlights as a vegetarian eatery during the day. this was heartwood after dark and things got a bit sweaty. they were way over capacity and everyone ended the night singing and dancing together! here are some pics, but they don't do the vibe justice.

Dan Bryk and I singing a Randy Newman song with the audience

Working on some dance moves

I gave this section of the audience a hard time when we split up the singing parts - I'm sorry

fun show

well pretty soon when the shows start coming more frequently and i'm in a groove, i'll be writing after a lot of the shows to let you know my thoughts and share some videos and pics. but tonight i played in my hometown of montreal with member of my band. it was such an amazing night. the audience was so open and giving and we shared so much. the band was spontaneous and full of fun ideas. we arranged some older songs of mine and that felt very fresh. things are great!

it was also nice to talk to some brand new fans after the show. one fan, florence, recommended i check out the band tallyhall. have any of you heard of them?

see you on the road soon...


Monday, November 3, 2008


I was listening to Bryan Adams' Reckless album yesterday. It's great.
He's a great songwriter and singer. Period.

And check this out.
Andy Swan. He's a great songwriter too. I saw him play during the Halifax Pop Explosion a few weeks ago, and he was amazing. Timeless songs.

I also listened to Sondre Lerche's Two Way Monologue album, and it's pretty amazing too. Such a talented fellow for such a young fellow. Inspiring.

How are you guys doing?

I'm cold.

I might be moving back to Montreal in January.

I'm going to be touring a lot in 2009 though. So I'll be writing to you a lot more.

Talk to you all soon!