Monday, December 21, 2009


happy everything to all of you!

i'm in montreal right now, but in a few days i'll be heading to my family's country house in the laurentians north of montreal for a few days, then it's off to toronto to play a show and do some co-writing with one of my heroes (i hope that works out). i'll tell you more soon.

i hope you guys are all feeling grounded in this crazy time....

it's been a challenging time for me. started a new recording project (and having to wait a number of months before i can go down and continue it) has brought out a lot of self-conscious and anxious feelings inside me. i've been awakening to a lot of patterned behaviour that i didn't realize was so self-destructive until only recently. nothing too heavy. just a tendency to abandon things that i start because of fear. so i'm making sure to not abandon this new project. it's definitely an adjustment, and i want to not back down as much as i have in the past. i hope for 2010 that i'll be able to follow through with my projects more and not be afraid to go after what i really want. but most of all, i want to continue my journey of self-discovery and to be more centered and happy. to live in the moment. nothing really different from what all of you want, i'm sure.

sometimes i can sound so corny.... and earnest.

i was watching some interviews with randy newman on youtube yesterday. he's one of my early influences!! i love him.

so, it looks like i'll be heading back down to nashville at the end of february to start recording again the 1st of march. i'll get back to talking about that soon.

happy holidays everyone!!!