Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm back ...

... after some time in Montreal and Toronto and the country. I hung out with some old friends and that felt nice too.

And last week I played some very fun shows in Montreal, Toronto and Fredericton.

In Toronto and Montreal I had a variation of my new band with me. The core fellas - Zac Decamp on bass and Dave Payant on drums - were there for both shows. I had a great drive back from Toronto to Montreal with Dave. And in Toronto we had our good friend Josh Toal join us on guitar and vocal. I played a solo set to start off the evening, and I got to play 'All Your Exmuses' off of my first album. Then the band came up for the second set and we rocked it hard. Here are some pics:

The show in Montreal was a couple of days later, and we were joined by Joe Grass and Mike O'Brien, who both played guitar and sang on the new album. We were also joined by a whole bunch of folks who sang on the album. And the highlight of the night for me was when I got to dance with my grandmother (87 yrs old) at around 11:30 pm to the sounds of 'We Should Dance'.

Anyway, looking forward to getting out to all of the towns and dancing with your grandmothers!


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Emma said...

Mike, that's AWESOME!

I love the picture of you jumping on your piano! That was too funny.

Lots of fun in TO- thanks for having us sing along. Come back soon!