Monday, October 12, 2009

to nashville

this thursday i'm heading to nashville for a week and a half. i'm going to be recording with brad jones at his studio, alex the great, from october 19-22. wow. i'm nervous, excited, curious. all i can hope for is to get into the moment of it all and enjoy all of it. easier said than done. i'll share as much as i can with you guys.

Please consider donating and becoming a Dreamer if you haven't already. i still need your help to make this trip to nashville a financial reality. it'll help me kickstart this album in a responsible way.

i need a further $2000 at least to do this professionally and pay everyone reasonably on time.

become a dreamer at

okay, now on to the music.

brad and i (along with jason cheek on drums and will harrison on guitar) are going to attempt to record 7 bed tracks (the piano/drums and basis for the song) and complete overdubs for 4 of those (all the extra stuff that sweeten the song).

here are MP3s of demos for a couple of the songs we're going to visit:

bound to be okay
i wrote this song in august after my summer tour. it came out really fast and i did the demo the same day i think.

bach's sing-a-long
i wrote this one in late march/early april. it was inspired by a painting on the cover of a bach piano book. all of the characters in the song are in the painting. we're going to go after a Band feel for this song. i hear fiddle!!

okay my friends!!!
come along for the journey....

speak to you when i get back.


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