Monday, July 13, 2009

the TOUR

i'm leaving in a few days for my summer tour. i can't say i'm prepared, musically or just with getting the stuff together. i've been lost in the world of songwriting until very recently and am currently lost in the land of doing demos in my apartment.

but i'm starting to tackle getting everything in place. it's all coming together. the trick is to not leave it all to the last minute.... my resolution for this tour is to leave myself a lot of time so that i'm not rushed and stressed.

anyway ... before the tour starts, i want to give a special thanks to the following people who were instrumental in helping me get these shows happening:

matt smith (club passim, cambridge)
noam weinstein (sharing the stage, nyc)
kelly and dan perry (house concert hosts, colchester, connecticut)
leilani wolfe (lansing, michigan)
emily galer (schuler books, michigan)
colleen fitzgerald (house concert host, canton, michigan)
corey hallwachs (house concert host, grand rapids, michigan)
bob and ellen paulus (house concert hosts, belgium, wisconsin)
noah ginex (house concert dude, chicago, il)
shelby raiser (house concert host, buckeye lake, oh)
mike grimes (the basement, nashville)
the one and only bill davis (sharing the stage, nashville)
catherine devine and berkeley (house concert hosts, carrboro, nc)
the chromatics (sharing the stage, kensington, md)

it's been a lot of fun scheming with these guys!

okay, i'm gonna get my hands on a camera so that i can start posting some photos here too.

wish me luck.


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Hopeful said...

Enjoy! Next must do a West Coast tour =) Looking forward to seeing the pics.