Thursday, May 7, 2009

thanks for being behind me

i was really tired and rushed with that last post, so i was worried how it might be received today. but a big part of me didn't even care. the same part that didn't care how my workshop videos would be received as soon as i posted them. this is a new part, or at least a long buried part. and a welcome part. very liberating to feel. can you say that? liberating to feel? anyway, i'm doing good today. i took the morning off from working on writing to take a long walk through montreal and i ended up buying a fou-fou scarf. and that seemed to be a big thing for me. to decide to spend $13 on a scarf that would make me feel more like a free-spirit. gotta let go sometimes.... what's next?

anyway, thanks so much for the emails and comments and the support and understanding words. it seems i'm not alone. we gotta talk to each other guys!! thanks for taking the time to write. i'm glad everyone understands. and we'll all be together soon.

i'll leave you with this.... an old friend sent this to me today. i haven't heard it in over 9 years! in 1997 i recorded an album on my 4-track cassette recorder in my parents' basement. i called it 'evin '97'. i lost the tape. but my friend shai kept it and transfered it to CD. so here is the lead-off track and it made me smile a lot tonight. it's called 'sally slide'. by the way, i didn't play piano on any of the songs!!! only guitar, percussion, etc... there's actually glasses with water on this song. that's the bell-like sound.

i love you guys and keep the love coming too. i'll get in touch next week to let you know what else i'm thinking for the summer.

okay, here's 'sally slide'.

PSSSSSSSS .... i just realized that i can't post MP3s with blogger, so 'sally slide' will have to wait. i was excited to share it.


Jennifer said...

You're great, Mike.

Ian G McC said...

Hey Mike!

You know, in the midst of the messiness you're experiencing right now, I thought of something I had to realize while going through a busy and stressful time doing film classes at the University. In the context of those film classes, I say this to you:

Take as long a break as you need and zoom your camera lens in really hard on yourself; on your own life. Enjoy that shot of yourself for a while. When you're ready to zoom back out, the bigger picture might make more sense.

Glad you're feeling good today-- sorry again to hear about the breakup, those are feelings I don't wish upon even my enemies!

Liam said...

Hey Mike. I would be excited to hear that song. I hope that you find happiness in all that you do, just do what feels right and take some time for yourself.

Kate said...

Mike, good luck getting back into the headspace that does good things for you. :) We love you, we have your music to keep us company until you can tour the east coast ..... *cough*BOSTON*cough*.... ;) Thanks for the updates and your honesty with us thru your blog. Peace!

Mike said...

you're all really awesome guys! thank you so much.